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The Zendo Story: a place for Zen meditation

“When I was a kid, I would help my Grandma Lilly mix up batches of citronella candles for all of our family gatherings. At the beach, at picnics, at BBQs, at the pool, at the campground…our citronella candles transformed every occasion into a little piece of paradise where we could relax with family and friends.

It’s a tradition I’ve continued to teach my own kids, and now our secret family formula is available to you. ZendoZones bring outdoor Zen to patios, decks, campsites and pools everywhere. And with all-natural 3% citronella, your oasis won’t be spoiled by anything less than the best. So sit back and leave your worries behind…you’re on island time now.”

Dale Baker
The Big Kahuna at ZendoZones

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Bring the island to your backyard with ZendoZones® citronella burners. ZendoZones® uses natural 3% citronella candles, perfect for patios, decks, backyards, campsites, poolside, and more!

Backyard Buddha and Pineapple Patio sold separately.

Available Individually or as a 3-pack. Candle refills available in packs of 4.

Now available on Amazon and at Ace Hardware!

Ace Hardware
Ace Hardware

Zen for your outdoor zones coming to more stores soon!


Natural citronella candles are included with all ZendoZones®!

  1. Lift the top portion of the burner and place the  candle on the platform inside, with the wick  facing up.
  2. Light the wick of the candle.
  3. Replace the top portion of the burner.


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