A family owned and operated company since 1932, JT Eaton® offers a complete line of quality pest control products. Our mission is to develop high-quality products that are safer and more effective, backed by the best customer satisfaction guarantee available.

JT Eaton is a family owned and operated manufacturer of quality pest control products since 1932. Since then, JT Eaton has created a wide variety of solutions for professionals and consumers. ZendoZones are a “back to the basics” boutique brand created by Dale Baker.

“I learned all this from grandparents Lilly and Stan. They used to make all kinds of cool stuff. When I was a kid, I would help my Grandma Lilly mix up batches of citronella candles, and what she called ‘fruit fly lure’. At the beach, at picnics, at BBQs, at the pool, at the campground, around the house…our concoctions transformed every occasion into a little piece of paradise where we could relax with family and friends.

It’s a tradition I’ve continued to teach my own kids, and now our secret family formulas are available to you in the form of ZenoZones citronella burners and Fruit Fly Traps. ZendoZones bring Zen to your indoor and outdoor zones everywhere. And with natural ingredients, your oasis won’t be spoiled by anything less than the best. So sit back and leave your worries behind…you’re on island time now.”

Dale Baker
The Big Kahuna at ZendoZones

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